This Old Engine Design Company is the graphic design and illustration studio of Danny Evans.


An independent creative, graphic designer, illustrator and screen printer based in Boulder, Colorado.









Danny is a multidisciplinary designer that specializes in brand development, designing-for-print media, illustration & merchandise design. The studio blurs the lines between the traditional design styles and uses a collection of skills to create pieces that retain a high value of utility and longevity. Danny softly blends his illustration skills and his use of other classic design styles to create unique pieces and collections for his clients. Whether it be a concert poster, band t-shirt or logo for a new business - his work promotes the uses of many different creative styles; utilizing cartoon-inspired hard line work, illustrated scenes & characters, simple logos, digital bitmaps & collage - as well as eye-catching headlining & supporting type work. This Old Engine takes a highly personal approach and values its long-standing relationships with clients. In simpler terms, This Old Engine uses a combination of fancy machines and a human brain to help clients fill their design needs.

Danny’s professional work tends to be systematic, practical, creative and depicts his outgoing -friendly personality. Danny’s personal work tends to depict a nature-centric view of the world, with other hints of optimism, nostalgia, pop culture, skateboarding and psychedelia.

When he is not busy creating totally sweet graphics for clients and screen-printing, Danny enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding, playing guitar, writing music and enjoying life on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Danny also often binge-watches his favorite TV Show, The Office - with no shame at all along with some his favorites movies like The Goonies & LOTR.


You can find Danny on Instagram & Twitter